Indian Summer

It’s that time of year for me where the air is thick with anticipation and the days are filled with the most amazing blooms.. wedding season! It is hectic and messy and no cup of tea is without added foliage but i adore it. It feels almost dream like to be surrounded by so many stunning flowers; David Austin roses full of scent and delphiniums that reach to the ceiling. As the jugs full of flowers spill out into my home where tables and chairs are turned into wild fields of dazzling colours i am in awe of the power of emotion that flowers have over me.

To be part of a day that for so many will be their most treasured is something very special to me. I adore creating arrangements that reflect the bride and groom’s personalities and adding to the overall beauty of the day is a true privilege. It is no secret that i am rather fond of colour so when my clients tell me to go vibrant i am at my most happiest! Bright and cheerful flowers just look so celebratory and it’s like making tiny firework displays that is breathtaking to see in situ! I like to think that my joy and love of what i do is added into each arrangement i make as my heart and soul really does go into it.