Flower Crowns

Over the years, Flower crowns have really become very popular, not just for weddings and festivals but also for many different occasions. I like to make them for when i go camping with friends (i definitely channel my inner Woodstock out in the fields) and i also make them frequently for birthdays. There’s no better way to make someone feel special than with a crown of flowers! The beauty of them is that they can be in a variety of styles to suit everyone, from very simple gypsophila ones to bright and colourful designs, full of lots of different flowers. 

I have also made many for little girls which is so adorable on wedding days, it’s a great alternative to bouquets and baskets as they don’t have to carry anything which can be sometimes a little stressful! 

I am planning on selling my flower crown designs at local festivals next summer so do watch out for info on that. In the meantime, please feel free to order one through this website or email me to have a chat about your ideas. Be that amazing friend that went above and beyond for a gift!