Farleigh Road Farm Shop

I’ve been supplying to Farleigh Road Farm Shop for around 5 years now and my space has certainly grown and taken on so much of my personality in that time which is so wonderful to see. From a few posies to a whole range of gifts, i’m constantly updating and changing up what i create as i feel like it’s a space i can have fun with and be very unique with my arrangements. I love and will always have a soft spot for vintage tea cups and jugs, there’s something so beautiful about the faded patterns and individuality of each piece. At home, i’m always filling up my old vases with flowers from the garden and the odd pinched stem from my flower shed! So, you’ll always find a vintage treasure full of my blooms up at Farleigh as it’s my favourite way to display them.

As we’re in the throws of summer (let’s not look out the window and just pretend) i have a massive selection of bedding plants perfect for that country cottage look! I’m always hunting out garden flowers that are really reminiscent of times gone by; i love to imagine Jane Austen taking a turn around her grounds and finding inspiration within the beauty of the blooms..what a lovely thought!